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Stainless steel tanks with different styles, the most is some property will be different, this form of treatment gave us a lot of room for improvement, in order to provide products in the special period into the tonic.
Cold rolled stainless steel plate material for stainless steel tanks, inside and outside the tank surface to keep the plate color and roughness, the surface roughness of the inner weld Ra value not greater than 0.8 mu m; such as the use of polishing or electropolishing, should maintain the internal and external surface is uniform, and the surface roughness Ra value is less than 0.8 M. The vessel shall comply with the provisions of GB16798-1997 storage tanks in stainless steel tanks for vertical storage tanks with carbon steel, low alloy steel, has better corrosion resistance and cleanliness, more suitable for the storage of some chemical raw materials and products. Because of the special quality of stainless steel, its construction is also different from that of carbon steel and low alloy steel, especially in anti carburizing, welding distortion prevention and internal surface treatment.



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