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Before starting the stubble cooler, we should check whether the motor of the machine is normal before starting the equipment. During the inspection, the blower shall be used to clean the dust and other impurities in the motor at the same time, and whether the wiring is qualified shall be measured. If the motor is found to have mechanical damage or spark burn mark, necessary treatment shall be carried out immediately.
Use compressed air or manual blower to blow out the dust and brush powder inside the motor and remove the dirt and sundries.
Remove all wiring connected with the motor, and measure the insulation resistance of the winding to the base with an insulation resistance meter. If it is less than 0.5m ω, it shall be dried, and the removed wiring shall be restored after the measurement is qualified.
凉茬机制酒工艺要点主要为五点,它们分别是:制药酒、原料处理、发酵、蒸馏以及调整酒度。其中首先要做的就是制做药 酒。大家常见的药酒可以分成黑白两种药酒;其次就是对原料进行处理了。再次是发酵。也就是将先糖化的原料摊开,以达 到冷却的目的,在添加倍量的废槽,并将其混合均匀;之后就是蒸馏。大家可以在蒸馏酒时,依据酒醪的松散度来决定是否 需要加入垄糖以及加入垄糖的分量;就是 酒度的调整了。
There are five key points in the process of cold stubble mechanism wine: Pharmaceutical wine, raw material treatment, fermentation, distillation and adjustment of alcohol content. The first thing to do is to make medicine wine. Our common medicine wine can be divided into black and white medicine wine; the second is to deal with the raw materials. Again, fermentation. In other words, spread out the raw materials for saccharification to achieve the purpose of cooling. Add multiple waste tanks and mix them evenly; then distillation. When distilling wine, we can decide whether to add ridge sugar and the amount of ridge sugar according to the looseness of the mash; finally, we can adjust the alcohol degree.
地上凉茬机的保养也尤为重要,它不仅能够保证酿出的酒更加甘甜缠绵,地上凉茬机设备,也减少您的维修花费。首先您要 主动维护,定期对正常运行的设备进行保养检查,保证制酒设备不发生或者少发生故障,技术部门要遵循维护原则,保养时 间管理人员可以自由掌握。对于维护设备,不需要更换零件,在经济上花费较少,不影响厂内其它的生产设备的工作。维修 则不一样,要更换零部件,地上凉茬机出厂价,浪费设备的工作时间,从而影响整个企业的生产任务与计划,地上凉茬机价 格,影响企业的经济效益。所以您要注重日常的设备维护,从而减少维修的次数。 地上凉茬机保证了酿酒的品质,只有优质的设备才能酿出香醇的美酒。注重正常维护,才让其更长久的为您工作。
The maintenance of the above ground stubble cooler is particularly important. It can not only ensure that the brewed wine is more sweet and lingering, but also reduce your maintenance costs. First of all, you should take the initiative to maintain and regularly check the equipment in normal operation to ensure that the alcohol making equipment does not or rarely fails. The technical department should follow the maintenance principle and the maintenance time management personnel can freely master it. For the maintenance equipment, it does not need to replace parts, costs less economically, and does not affect the work of other production equipment in the factory. Maintenance is not the same, to replace parts, the ground stubble machine out of the factory price, waste of equipment working time, so as to affect the production tasks and plans of the whole enterprise, the ground stubble machine price, affect the economic benefits of the enterprise. So you should pay attention to the daily equipment maintenance, so as to reduce the number of maintenance. The cold stubble machine on the ground ensures the quality of wine making. Only high-quality equipment can make good wine. Pay attention to normal maintenance, just let it work for you longer.
以上就是全自动凉茬机为大家先容的有关 的详细的先容,希翼对您有所帮助.如果您有什么疑问的话,欢迎联系大家.大家将以的态度,为您提供服务.
The above is the automatic stubble cooler I hope the detailed introduction will help you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide services for you with our attitude



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