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The wooden barrel is hard and elastic, which can bend without breaking, expand when wet, and leak no water, but at the same time allows a small amount of oxygen transmission, making the wine texture soft and complete.
Wooden barrels can be used to synthesize a series of special flavors, which will gradually melt into the wine under the immersion of liquor, thus making the wine more delicious.
After a long time of storage in wooden barrels, the color of white wine will gradually become amber, and there will be no reflection under the light projection; and the color of dry red wine will gradually deepen after aging in oak barrels.
When storing liquor, we must choose the liquor with high number. After a certain period of storage, the flavor and other aspects of ordinary liquor will not change greatly. Even with the long-term storage, the alcohol will volatilize and the taste will become light.
The design of wooden wine shelf plays an important role in wine cellar. A wine cellar full of artistic beauty and practical design is not simply a simple stacking of wood.
The whole barrel of red wine, if it is imported with original packaging, is generally poured from the outlet, and then loaded into the export halter. If this is the case, in general, without special customization, red wine is not really used for aging the old barrel, but for holding wine containers.
Wooden wine barrels can be used repeatedly. Generally, oak barrels can be used 3-4 times, each time for 12-18 months, with a life of 4-6 years.
When the wine is put into the wooden wine barrel, the liquor will absorb the oak tannin of the wood in the wooden wine barrel, as well as the wood fragrance, coconut, cream and other flavor. At the same time, the cask after baking also brings the aroma of smoke, baking, cocoa, coffee and so on to the wine, making the original simple wine more complex in aroma and taste.
Generally speaking, wooden casks are not recyclable. Usually a wooden cask that has been used for 2-3 years can only be used as a container.
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