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What is the wine sea? Wine sea is the container for storing the original liquor, which has a history of nearly one thousand years. It's a big basket made of Jingtiao from Qinling Mountains. The inner wall uses blood material, lime, etc. as adhesive to paste more than 100 layers of MACO paper and white cotton cloth, and then uses egg white, beeswax, cooked vegetable oil, etc. to rub and dry in a certain proportion. Each can store 5 to 6 tons of wine. This kind of wine storage container, which shines the hard work and wisdom of ancestors, is called "big wine sea". The special production technology makes the wine sea present a magical phenomenon: "the wine drops are not leaking, and the water is completely volatilized". It is suitable for long-term storage and is the largest container of traditional storage monomer in the world's brewing industry.
The aging process of the original liquor in the "wine sea" is also the process of its own movement and natural aging. Due to the particularity of the material and technology of "Jiuhai", the unique acid-base balance is maintained in the process of ordinary oxidation-reduction reaction, molecular association reaction, esterification reaction and so on, which promotes the close combination of alcohol and water molecules; the unique flavor and nutritional composition dissolved from "Jiuhai" into wine greatly reduce the pungency, mellowness and fragrance of liquor Overflowing, the taste is soft, sweet and refreshing, with a long aftertaste. The older the "wine sea", the longer the storage time and the better the quality.
It is precisely because Guanzhong wine adopts a unique "wine sea" storage method, and the special production method makes the wine sea "breath". Through breathing, the wine in the sea of wine has completed the complex process of de aging and removing impurities, ripening and increasing aroma, promoted the aging of the wine, and also ensured that the wine in Guanzhong is mellow, full-bodied, with harmonious fragrance, soft, sweet, clean and long aftertaste.
The wood wine sea is actually a kind of wooden barrel for storing wine. This barrel is made by hand after a hundred years of traditional paste technology. The long-term storage of white wine can keep the original color and taste of wine, and has the characteristics of anti leakage, acid resistance and beautiful shape.
Mujiuhai is the best container for liquor storage, and it can also store rice wine, health wine, etc. it can make the later liquor clearer, make the aroma of the liquor stronger, mellow and elegant, and prevent the liquor from spoiling.
Mujiuhai selects high-quality wood, which is naturally dried after being pasted, and carefully selects its texture quality, so as to obtain the most exquisite and elegant wood products. This product does not leak or crack. It is a pure natural green product, very exquisite.
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