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See a lot of beautiful, tall wooden barrels, really, we have to marvel at the creativity of human beings. After tasting delicious wine, we can't say how much we love wooden barrels. A chance, my friend took me to see the production of wooden barrels in the circle, the original tall wooden barrels are produced in this way.
This kind of tall wooden barrel is very popular with most people! What is its production process? Take a look at the following:
1、 The selection and treatment of wood should be based on the specific requirements of the guests. Too professional knowledge and operation should be specific. Skip here
2、 The materials to be produced are sawed with numerical control band, the materials of flat plate, and the materials of camber are cut. High efficiency, high quality production, is very important. It is very important to open the material of the tall wooden wine barrel. Different sizes directly affect the quality and appearance of the whole barrel after assembly.
3、 After the opening of the material, but also add, in the two corresponding positions dug out the tenon position. As shown in the figure, the concave position.
4、 After the tenon was dug, the assembly work began. A block of arc-shaped material is arranged in line and fixed with small supporting wood strips, which are processed into semicircles one by one.
5、 The semicircle barrel enters the grinding process. Grinding inner circle - closing low - grinding outer circle. Finally, the hoop is generally galvanized steel skin and stainless steel skin, with the thickness of 3mm.
6、 The success or failure of the cask has entered the final work. After a series of work, such as anti-corrosion, waterproof treatment, fine grinding and painting, the beautiful and tall cask can be packed and shipped.



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