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There are many brewing equipment, mainly wood in the early stage, and then there are brick, aluminum and stainless steel brewing equipment. What are the advantages of new brewing equipment compared with traditional ones? Today, we will take the more popular stainless steel brewing equipment as an example to make a detailed analysis.
Stainless steel brewing equipment has high glossiness, hard wear resistance, and almost no weld bead after polishing, so it is favored by consumers. However, the shortcomings of stainless steel brewing equipment can not be ignored, first in terms of performance. The thermal conductivity of stainless steel is very poor, which is obviously one grade lower than that of aluminum, so the liquor yield is low and the fuel consumption is low. Secondly, the cost of stainless steel is high. The price of general stainless steel brewing equipment is higher than that of the same type of aluminum brewing equipment. The better brewing equipment is made of aluminum condenser and stainless steel retort barrel.
Generally speaking, stainless steel brewing equipment has beautiful appearance, but poor thermal conductivity. Influenced by the social trend, it is popular in the current market. It is suggested that consumers should not blindly follow the crowd when they purchase, but should make a comparative purchase according to their own needs.
1. Reasonable layout of boiler, steam drum, cooler location. For some boilers with wood and coal as fuel, the boiler can be installed outside in consideration of sanitation.
2. Sterilize thoroughly with steam before use. Note that the steam valve above the boiler must be opened during the burning process
3. Observe the water level of the steam cabinet at any time during the process of steaming, and add water to the furnace in time.
4. The steam cabinet shall be free of water and air.
5. Pour fermented grains into the steaming barrel.
6. After steaming, it is necessary to clean the equipment for draining and discharging the waste.
In order to ensure the quality of wine, we must do these six points when operating the brewing equipment. Especially for the cleaning work, the equipment must be cleaned in time after each use.
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