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  We all know that oak barrels are good or bad, but do you choose high-quality oak barrels? Teach you how to choose high quality oak barrels.
  大家要看橡木酒桶用料的原产地和质量。首先要保证活树采伐,精选于长白山脉原始森林的优质橡木,原料自然风干12-36个月;其次对其纹理质量进行精心挑选,目的是得到更为细腻优雅的橡木芳香,这样做出来的橡木酒桶更有质量,橡木酒桶颜色 年轮都很均匀的就可以,有疤节的千万不能要。
  We want to see the origin and quality of the materials used in oak barrels. First of all, we need to ensure live tree cutting, select high-quality oak from the virgin forest of Changbai Mountains, and air dry the raw materials for 12-36 months; secondly, we need to carefully select the texture quality, so as to get the most delicate and elegant oak fragrance, so that the oak barrels produced by this method have the most quality, the color rings of oak barrels are very uniform, and the scarred ones should not be required.
  Then let's look at the production process: the plate is aged, the early soaking process is added, and the raw green tannin in the wood is soaked to make the wine taste more smooth; the precise slow baking, laser numerical control temperature control, long-term baking, ensure the baking accuracy and baking depth. High quality oak barrels always follow the traditional process and manual production, and constantly improve the barrel making process with the progress of science and technology.
  The wine stored in high quality oak barrels has a strong and elegant flavor. Our company processes and orders high-grade wooden wine barrels according to customers' requirements, with various varieties, fine workmanship, beautiful and practical, green and environmental protection, to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad with faster and more convenient services, welcome to call for purchase!



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