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With the arrival of the era of unmanned retail, the market capacity determines that the unmanned wine retail physical store is not the development direction. The automatic wine selling machine will deal with 5 pain points and win 4 national patents, which will be beneficial for the physical store to make up.

On the one hand, compared with the traditional retail industry, "unmanned" is not the center, the key is to provide better services and quality for consumers through skills; on the other hand, the future unmanned convenience store is the compensation for the traditional retail, which is expected to become the next investment outlet.
In the wine industry, retail stores all over the streets have been gradually recognized by the shopping malls. How can we connect with the upcoming unmanned retail window period? As far as the capacity of today's wine market is concerned, the unmanned wine retail physical store must not be our choice.

The automatic wine vending machine has been introduced here. If you need it, you are welcome to buy it. /



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