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At present, the stainless steel inner solid wood barrel is widely used, it has a strong seal, can block the dust and impurities in the external air, and ensure the quality of wine will not be polluted. At the same time, the aroma of solid wood can improve the taste of wine, and it is very convenient to use. In order to use it better, we should pay attention to the following points and understand it at the same time.
The first is the requirement of water quality for pulping.
When filling liquor needs pulping and scheduling, sedimentation must be avoided, soft water and untreated hard water should not be used.
Second: the problems that should be paid attention to in reducing the tail degree of solid wine
Solid wine tail not only contains a certain amount of alcohol molecules, but also contains rich flavor substances. The selection of liquor tail is an effective way to improve the quality of ordinary liquor. However, due to the high content of high fat ethyl fat, the liquor produced has the phenomena of light loss, turbidity and precipitation at low temperature, which must be properly treated in winter. For high and medium spirits, it is not easy to reduce the alcohol tail, and it is easier to choose the method of high wine extraction and adding.
Third, the production of solid liquor should be strictly segmented.
When distilling liquor, we should pay attention to grasping the head and tail, not dragging too long, and insist on a certain degree of storage, otherwise it will not only make the liquor taste great, but also make the liquor muddy and precipitated.
Fourth: wine storage or filling
When storing or filling wine, try to avoid contact with copper, iron and other utensils. Ceramic or stainless steel tanks are used for wine containers, stainless steel wine pipes, foot pipes or stainless steel pipes are used for wine pumps to dissolve copper and iron ions, so as to avoid discoloration or precipitation of liquor and affect the sensory quality of liquor.
Fifth: avoid high temperature
It is suggested to spray water on the wall of stainless steel solid wood wine barrel, and the temperature should be controlled below 25 ℃.

About the stainless steel inner solid wood barrel , I'm sure you will use the relevant knowledge in the actual work. If you have this need, welcome to purchase.



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