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1. Precautions for placement
a. Before placing a wine cabinet, it depends on the space of the house and whether there is enough space for a wine cabinet at home.
b. The wine cabinet should be kept away from the sun and away from the heat source.
c. Do not place the wine cabinet in an environment that is too cold to freeze.
d. The wine cabinet shall be placed in a well ventilated place, and there shall be more than 10cm space around the wine cabinet, including the back.
e. The wine cabinet shall be placed on a flat and solid ground, and the packaging base shall be removed to reduce vibration and noise. When it is moved, its inclination angle shall not be greater than 45 °.
f. Do not put the wine cabinet in the place with heavy moisture or easy splashing. The splashed water and dirt shall be cleaned with soft cloth in time to prevent rust and affect the insulation performance of electrical appliances.
2. Put geomancy
a. The wine cabinet is a symbol of a mountain, which should be placed in the owner's life. If the head of the household has four lives in the East, the wine cabinet should be placed in the East, Southeast, South and north of the restaurant; if the head of the household has four lives in the west, the wine cabinet should be placed in the west, front, northwest and northeast of the restaurant.
b. The glasses in the wine cabinet should not be too large. Many wine cabinets use lenses as the back plate, making the wine and crystal cup in the wine cabinet more crystal clear. But the decorative lenses should not be too large, and should not be compared with the altar.
c. The wine cabinet should not be placed next to the fish tank. The wine cabinet is the furniture with heavy moisture, and the fish tank is full of water. The essence of the two is similar. If they are put together, they will make the water gas too much. If it is difficult to move, you can put a basin of evergreen plants between the wine cabinet and the fish tank, that is, a wood is separated between the two water, which can eliminate excessive moisture.
d. Bar placement. Some modern families like to use the bar instead of the wine cabinet. The essence of the bar is the same as that of the wine cabinet, with heavy water and gas. The bar should be placed in the dead corner of the restaurant. Because the water property of the bar is flexible and variable, it is not afraid of pressure, so it is also OK to place it at the bottom of the stairs.
e. The cupboard should not be too large. Some families who don't like wine don't put wine cabinets in the dining room, instead of cup cabinets with butterflies. Then, the cupboard should not be too large. If the cupboard is the same length as the wall, it is recommended to use a low cupboard, which can improve the geomancy of the restaurant.



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