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Wine, in the long history of human culture, is not only an objective material existence, but also a cultural symbol. Wine container is the symbol of Dionysian spirit.
现代酿酒技术和生活方式对酒具产生了显著的影响。进入二十世纪后,由于酿酒工业发展迅速,留传数千年的自酿自用的方式正逐渐淘汰。现代酿酒工厂,白酒的主要包装方式主要是:瓶装,坛装。今天大家来到安华瓷业生产车间一线,实地先容一下陶瓷酒瓶、酒坛的是如何制作的。以及大家安华瓷业—— 泥身火魂  工于瓷道 的精神所在。
Modern brewing technology and life style have a significant impact on the drinking utensils. After entering the 20th century, due to the rapid development of the brewing industry, the way of brewing for thousands of years is gradually eliminated. In modern wineries, the main packaging methods of liquor are: bottle and jar. Today we come to the front line of Anhua porcelain production workshop to introduce how to make ceramic wine bottles and wine jars. As well as our Anhua porcelain industry, the spirit of clay body and fire soul working in porcelain road.
1、 The mud should be well mixed.
Blank preparation, mold making, injection molding, drying, glaze, firing, a perfect wine bottle can be put out. In the whole production process, grouting is very important, which is related to the appearance and quality of wine bottles.
2、 Pour mud into the plaster mold.
Recently, the weather has entered the second of the third, in order to complete the production plan given to us by major distilleries with quality and quantity guaranteed; our front-line workers work overtime and stick to their posts every moment.
3、 After gypsum mold absorption, pour out excess mud.
White skin, strong muscles, dense sweat. Jiang Yuntao, a 42 year old grouting worker, is busy in the area he is responsible for. Grouting, air grouting, demoulding, drying, transportation and stacking are carried out in an orderly manner. He has been working in the grouting workshop for 10 years. As a veteran, he has become a senior employee of the workshop.
"Grouting, which seems to be a simple process, is actually very important. It is a very important part of the whole ceramic wine bottle production process." Jiang Yuntao said.
4、 The process of demoulding should be careful.
5、 Clean the excess mud at the bottle mouth.
It is understood that after the prepared mud is injected into the gypsum mold, the water in the mud is absorbed under the action of the capillary force of the gypsum mold. The water in the mud near the mold wall is first absorbed, and the particles in the mud begin to approach, forming the initial thin mud layer. When the water is further absorbed, the diffusion power is the pressure difference and concentration difference of the water, the thin mud layer gradually becomes thick, and the water inside the mud layer diffuses to the outside. When the thickness of the mud layer reaches the thickness of the injection part, the rudiment is formed. Through the control of the grouting workers for the time, the gypsum mold continues to absorb water, the green body begins to shrink, the surface water begins to evaporate, and the green body with a certain strength is formed when the green body is dried. Then the demoulding operation was carried out. At this time, the prototype of a wine bottle was displayed in front of us.
6、 The mould of the wine jar is very heavy and the demoulding is very hard. It needs not only physical strength, but also technology, otherwise all the previous achievements will be wasted!
7、 The shaped wine bottles need to be stacked neatly. Rows of mud bottles are arranged on the slats, just like the mighty soldiers waiting for the battle parade!
In the grouting workshop, there are more than 100 grouting workers like Jiang Yuntao. They have to repeat the monotonous work every day. Each model weighing about 5-10 Jin needs to be overturned 7-8 times in their hands, and the number of grouting is 1000-1200 every day.
8、 Shaped wine bottle
The first floor is a kiln for making wine bottles. The grouting workshop is located on the second, third and fourth floors, which makes the grouting workers sit on the steamer. The hot working environment and heavy physical work made them wet all day.
9、 Workers will transport semi-finished wine bottles to the firing workshop; ceramic wine bottles after firing will finally appear in front of our consumers.
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