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Clay container
Clay containers are made of clay that has been honed at a high temperature of more than 1000 degrees Celsius. They have worn off their organic compounds and other gas components, and have small pores as evidence of honing. This small pore keeps the air permeability of Tao Tangjun, which makes the wine contact with the air and produce oxidation reaction. The spicy and dry ingredients in the wine evaporate through the pore.
The clay container Jun, with "gold" on it, contains metal ions that are beneficial to the aging of new wine, enters the new wine, dispels the new wine taste, and makes the wine soft and sweet. Although this clay container is expensive, easy to be damaged and broken, most people still like it.
Blood container
The blood container is made of Jingtiao or bamboo strips, pasted with multi-layer mulberry paper and coated with blood, which is a kind of plastic protein colloid salt made of animal blood (mostly pig blood) and lime. This kind of protein colloidal salt and alcohol form a semi permeable membrane which can permeate water but not alcohol. For more than 30 degree liquor, it has the function of anti-seepage protection and good function of maintaining liquor quality.
Blood container can be made of local materials. However, it is easy to change the color of wine by storing wine in blood containers for a long time.
Metal container
With the development of smelting technology, a variety of steel and metal appliances are emerging. Stainless steel and other metal containers enter into the vision of liquor companies. Metal containers, especially stainless steel containers, are simple to make, large in capacity and strong. However, due to the uneven materials of stainless steel used, there are different problems in the aging of wine, such as easy to be corroded, polluting the wine body, discoloring the wine and producing harmful substances.



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