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Not only does the sister like to moisturize when she protects her skin, but also the cask. When the cask is not in use, the owner of the winery will put the cask outdoors. At this time, "keep wet" is the key to maintain the cask. Of course, if the barrel is used many times, it will be handed over to the Coopers for maintenance. They will bake the inner barrel wall again, and then it can be used again. In addition, their work is actually very hard. Each person can hoop about 20-25 barrels a day. This job requires a lot of physical strength, especially the muscles in the shoulders, forearms and back. After all, we are facing dozens of 45 kg oak barrels, or 140 kg Sherry barrels.
As evomen said above, oak is the key to whisky ripening. Where the oak grows, and what has ripened before the Scotch, will affect the quality of the wine. Of course, even experts may not be able to understand the secrets of real maturation, so the role of experience is very important at this time. For example, an American oak that used to hold Bourbon might enhance the flavor of the new wine, make it more spicy and vanilla, and make it golden yellow. Compared with you, the European Shirley oak will give the wine a stronger fragrance and dark color.
According to the law of origin, only oak can be used to ripen Scotch whisky. In addition, there are not many standard barrels. Wood from all over the world can be used as wine barrels, and many of them are not brand-new. Some of them also contain other kinds of wine
Generally speaking, it will take at least 12 years for Scotland's bafu to mature in wooden barrels, so this is a test for the quality of wooden barrels. If a bad barrel is used, there is a risk that it will become empty in 12, 15 or even 30 years, because all the alcohol will evaporate by then. It's too long to survive a whole generation, and it's hard to recover, so we must invest some resources and energy in the early stage, and do a good job in the barrel. In addition, evomen found through consultation with wine tasters that 60% of the taste of whisky comes from barrels, so wood is also the key to maturity to some extent.
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