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1、 Before the equipment, check all parts of the stubble beater, whether the parts are loose or not, and multi-functional stubble cooler. If found, the equipment can only be approved.
2、 When the equipment is used, it shall be standard when the stubble beater runs back and forth with the track between the sports wheel and the track.
3、 The working surface of the stubble cooler is 2.4 * 14m, and the feeding amount of each shift is 1500-2000 kg.
4、 After the stubble machine equipment is completed, the trial operation must be carried out for about five minutes to check whether there is any noise in each part. If any noise is found, the machine shall be parked for maintenance. After the trial operation is normal, it can be put into normal production and operation.
5、 In the process of operation, it is necessary to pay attention to whether there is abnormal dynamic state and whether the shaking is increased. In case of noise, park the vehicle for maintenance in time.
6、 After the stubble cooler is put into use, check whether the bolts are loose and whether the parts are damaged regularly. If found, repair or replace the parts according to the specific situation.
7、 In the process of application, the oiling part should be regularly oiled, generally once every three months, to ensure that the transmission of the stubble machine is smooth and normal, and reduce wear.
8、 If the stubble cooler is out of service for a long time and put into production from the beginning, it shall be checked from the beginning, and put into production and operation after normal trial operation.
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