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  Barrel is an important part of wine culture, which has an important impact on the flavor of wine. Next, I'd like to introduce to you what kind of wood is used for casks? What kind of wood can be used for casks
  Among many kinds of barrels, wooden barrels are loved by many wineries and wine lovers because of their environmental protection, nature, constant temperature, beauty, durability and other characteristics.
  The wooden barrel, including the wine barrel, is an external barrel body made up of wooden boards at both ends and some arc-shaped wooden pieces, which is often seen in our life now.
  At present, barrels are made of oak, redwood and miscellaneous wood. Among the three species, oak barrel is the best wood, so it has been widely used in the process of making barrels.
  There is no industrial product in the barrel, not even nails or glue. Thus we can see the singularity of barrel making technology.
  If any liquid or liquid accidentally enters the small mouth beside the liquor mouth, please wipe it clean immediately. When liquid or other liquid enters the bottom of the barrel, it will exude along the bottom of the barrel. In order to better ensure the quality of the barrel, we should avoid soaking for a long time until it is dry.
  The above is a good detailed introduction of what kind of wood is used for the solid wood wine barrel with stainless steel liner. For more information, please click /



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