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  This kind of cask is unique to China and is very common in the cask market in China. No matter in England, France or America, it is impossible to use glue and wax to produce wooden barrels. The wax dissolves in the wine, can cause the stomach disease, this kind of barrel is absolutely not optional.
  The leakage in barrel process is the key problem. Many business technologies fail to meet the requirements of wax injection. There is a gap between barrels. Although such a barrel does not leak, the wax oil wall on the barrel will affect the permeability of the barrel and, most importantly, health.
  It is recommended that consumers buy Bamboo buckets, preferably hot water buckets, so as to check whether there is wax in the buckets. If a leak occurs when using a bubble bucket, it can be shown that the bucket does not have a chemical coating.
  Barrel drying
  Bakery barrels can improve the quality of wine, which is a recognized topic in the industry. However, the baking process is difficult to control, the temperature control is not good, and the barrel wall deformation is not good, so many businesses will save the baking process in order to save costs. Unbaked casks are much less efficient.
  It is suggested that consumers can see if there is carbon black layer on the bamboo tube when buying the bamboo tube. The bamboo tube without carbon black layer must be not cooked.
  The above is a detailed introduction to the advantages of solid wood wine barrel with stainless steel liner. To learn more, please click /



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