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  First, the biggest advantage of electric heating is that it looks easy to use and has no exhaust emissions. Easy to use, that is to say, it can be inserted in the socket, which is much more convenient than boiling water with fire. The use of coal or wood to make a fire will produce soot, electricity is not the problem. Electric heating seems to be a good choice if you are in a city or a densely populated place, but the disadvantages are obvious. First of all, three-phase electricity, i.e. industrial electricity, is generally needed to ensure its heating speed. This is a problem that users can't solve in many times, because we are talking about a small home brewing facility, and many times you can't find the three-phase power for industrial use. To say the least, even if the ordinary civil two-phase electricity can be used, if the distillation speed is required, the electricity required will be very large.
  Secondly, the service life and maintenance of the heating rod. With the current problems, the liquor brewing equipment needs to face the initial use. The electric heating pole with service life problems and maintenance problems is not easy to be found soon, but in a period of use, such as half a month, as long as half a year, this problem will be exposed. At present, the quality of the heating rod itself is worrying. The point with good quality can be used for more than half a year. If the quality is not good, it will be damaged in one or two months. In addition, the surface of the heating rod will condense into a layer of scale during the use process, which will affect the heating effect. Once the heating rod is damaged and needs to be replaced, it is a big problem for ordinary customers without maintenance experience. Because the replacement of heating rod needs to pay attention to sealing and insulation at the same time, ordinary customers are reluctant to replace. If the design of the equipment is not reasonable, it will be difficult for the customer to change the heating rod. After a brief analysis of the electric heating brewing equipment, let's look at the fire heating brewing equipment. Using fire to heat the brewing equipment, without modifying the circuit and other troubles, it can be directly installed to make a fire.
  Finally, the use of fire to warm the boiler liquor brewing equipment makes use of the ubiquitous fuel, because with the improved self-priming of the coke boiler, coal, wood, coal, natural gas or waste cloth, paper or other wastes can be burned, all of which can be used as fuel for burning, so a large number of customers have chosen the fuel. Customers on the mountain can choose to burn wood, customers on the plain can choose to burn coal or charcoal, and customers can burn other wastes from other available waste resources, which greatly reduces the cost of fuel. You know, if we make wine for a long time, the cost of fuel accounts for a large part of the cost of making wine. If we can reduce the cost, the cost of brewing is our net profit.
  The above is a detailed introduction to the heating method of the full-automatic stubble cooler in the process of liquor production. To learn more, please click /



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