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Brewing equipment is a common equipment in the current brewing enterprises. In the process of brewing, large-scale brewing equipment is very important for the wine industry.
Wine-making equipment is usually roasted at high temperature. The investigation under high-power scanning electron microscopy shows that there are many stomata around the equipment. These stomata also exist in the sintered glass state, so they are permeable and do not leak.
Because the brewing equipment has been praised by people for its good performance, and because of the use and frequency of our use, we need to sterilize the equipment regularly. What should we pay attention to when sterilizing this large-scale brewing equipment?
Before sterilization, the liquid level must be checked and all electrodes must be below the liquid level. Before turning on the power supply, it is necessary to check whether the cooling water has been turned on and whether the temperature probe has been inserted into the slot, otherwise the heating circuit will be burned out.
When sterilizing, special attention should be paid to the pH electrodes and the fragile and expensive parts of the tank, and the operation should be careful.
When sterilizing, the culture medium should be added into the tank, sealed and put into the large sterilizing pot according to the requirements, and when the tank is cooled, it should be placed on the fermentation table, installed intact, turned over the cooling water, turned over the power supply of the air pump, connected the opening of the ventilation pipeline to ventilate, adjusted the intake of the cyclone button to make the ventilation volume appropriate.
In addition, special attention should be paid to the operation when the temperature of the machine is stable and all the parameters are correct. At the same time, the tank and the electrode should be cleaned after fermentation.
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