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  Money in troubled times, wine in good times. In recent years, with the improvement of material living standard, wine storage has become a fashion. Store some good wine, which is not only the thickness and weight of storage time, but also the taste of settling time, which is also the memory of collecting yourself. What kind of wine storage container is more conducive to wine storage?
  The common containers on the market are glass, plastic, ceramics and so on, which belong to the ordinary personal version. In general, there are large-scale wine cabinets such as wine cellar, wine sea and wine cabinet in liquor factories to store the new original wine, but most of the wine cabinets are mainly pottery jars. Simple round pottery altar is a common choice for wine storage, and good wine has a lot to do with pottery altar.
  In the process of high-temperature combustion, ceramic jars will form microporous network structure, and external oxygen will enter into the wine, so these two slow oxidation and esterification can ensure that the wine in jars will continue to mature and grow into "live" wine, and the cost is low.
  If it is a fine wine, pottery is the best storage container. Its special pore structure is oxidation, adsorption and unique "micro oxygen environment. The body has been breathing in the jar. This aroma and taste reach a new balance, and the body is more mature and soft.
  Most wine is stored in pots. In addition to the selection of containers, the storage environment is also very unique. It is rare to store sorghum wine in a unique loess cave. Warm in winter and cool in summer, with moderate humidity and temperature, every drop of water is soft and comfortable.
  The above is a detailed introduction to the selection of wine containers in solid wood wine barrels with stainless steel liners. To learn more, please click /



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