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  Wine can be said to be long-lasting, daily life will consume a lot of wine. The company uses large-scale wine brewing equipment according to the work, but sometimes finds that the output drops when brewing, it uses the same material and the previous wine produces less, the reason for this situation should be clear to you, otherwise how can you accept the loss, but do not know why it appears in the future, there may be the same situation.
  There are many factors that affect the production of large-scale brewing equipment, such as starch concentration, dissolved oxygen, fermentation temperature, equipment status and so on. The bacteria in Jiuge will reproduce under aerobic conditions. Without oxygen, starch will be converted into glucose, and then into ethanol. If the dissolved oxygen is not enough, it may cause the low rate of wine.
  The fermentation temperature of large-scale brewing equipment should also be noted in the brewing process. Generally, the temperature should not exceed 360 ℃, and the relevant temperature regulation should be observed when the temperature changes greatly in winter and summer.
  The above is a detailed introduction to the factors affecting the liquor yield of solid wood barrel with stainless steel liner. For more information, please click /



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