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  Compared with modern brewing, small-scale brewing equipment is more time-saving, labor-saving, efficient and less investment, which plays an important role in the current brewing work. However, there is also a serious problem in the small-scale brewing equipment, that is, in the use process, it is easy to leak. So how to avoid and solve this phenomenon?
  When the leakage of small-scale brewing equipment occurs, tin welding can be used for repair, but it is worth noting that when the temperature of surrounding tin is lower than - 13.2 ℃, it will occur in the metal lattice and become powdery gray tin, making the solder joints leak. When the temperature rises, water leaks. When the temperature is too low, solder can not be used for repair. If the equipment is very thin, it can be repaired with waterproof glue. If it is thick, it can be drilled and then sealed with stainless steel screws. When cleaning the cracks, the oxide film shall be cleaned with gauze first, then with a screwdriver or short saw blade, and heated near the aluminum. After the welding rod is melted, the melted electrode shall be repeatedly applied in the cracks with a screwdriver to thicken the welding layer.
  Before maintenance, we should fully understand the characteristics of the equipment and grasp the details of maintenance, so as to solve the problem in time in the face of water leakage. At the same time, when using small-scale brewing equipment, regular inspection should be carried out to avoid the use of equipment problems affecting the quality of products. Therefore, we should do a good job in the maintenance of small brewing equipment at ordinary times, improve the professional skills of staff and the ability to deal with emergencies, and be calm and calm when encountering problems!
  The above is a detailed introduction of the automatic stubble cooler on how to deal with the emergency of small-scale brewing equipment leakage. To learn more, please click /



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