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  First, tie the frame with wicker or bamboo belt, wine basket, paste it on the frame with mulberry paper, then mix with pig's blood and lime and other things to smear on the inside and outside of the basket, a layer of mulberry paper, a brush of blood, until the wall of the basket is thick enough, dry, even the basket, such ancient legal basket is still in use.
  Using this kind of basket to store high alcohol is much better than containers such as pots after aging. And the "blood material" used in the wine basket is a kind of protein colloidal salt of animal blood (mostly pig blood), which has plasticity and lime, forming a semi permeable membrane and alcohol. This kind of film is characterized by the permeability of water and alcohol, and the good anti-seepage measures are taken for liquor with alcohol content over 30.
  With the development of glass and plastic products, handmade wine baskets are expensive and time-consuming. High cost, profit margin and other factors have gradually faded out of the stage of history. However, as an ancient craft, it should not be forgotten in the long history. We hope to be recognized and protected by more and more people, and even applied to the packaging of famous wine.
  The above is a detailed introduction to the production process of bar weaving basket of automatic wine vending machine. For more information, please click /



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