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  The activity of yeast is one of the important factors affecting wine production. Good yeast can not only produce wine with good export feeling and mellow flavor, but also has strong fermentation ability, fast fermentation speed and wide suitable temperature range. Under the same external conditions, the quality and yield of wine have been greatly improved. Yeast is so important, which is why there are many research institutions at home and abroad to research and cultivate.
  PH and temperature during fermentation. As you may know, brewing is a chemical reaction in which yeast hydrolyzes starch to produce water, ethanol (the main component of liquor) and carbon dioxide. Any chemical reaction has an appropriate temperature and pH value, in this optimal range, yeast and other microorganisms are active.
  Keeping proper temperature and pH value in the fermentation process can not only speed up the production of liquor, but also greatly improve the production of liquor. The pH value of fermentation is acidic. If the pH value exceeds this value, the activity of yeast will decline until it loses its activity. The same is true for the temperature range, which should not exceed the high temperature, otherwise the Saccharomyces cerevisiae will experience irreversible inactivation.
  Oxygen control during fermentation. In addition, yeast not only produces wine in the fermentation process, but also produces it. As long as the fermentation conditions are controlled, the aroma substance and production of wine can reach a balance. The wine is mellow, sharp mouth without throat, elegant and pleasant taste.
  When making wine, the first one is to know clearly what they want, what kind of different types of wine needs different brewing equipment, and then confirm to buy raw materials and equipment. At present, 304 stainless steel equipment with better raw materials for domestic liquor brewing equipment, raw materials for household equipment, environmental protection and beautiful wine have stable chemical properties, It will not be harmful to human body due to chemical reaction, and it is more convenient to clean, more beautiful appearance, which is a good choice in wine.
  How big will we consider? The construction of winery will produce a lot of wine every day. It is very important to use what kind of raw materials to produce wine, what kind of liquor brewing technology to use, the construction of winery's location, factory construction and what equipment to use. Only when we confirm these things, we can know what kind of facilities are needed to run the business.
  The above is a detailed introduction of the factors affecting the liquor yield of the automatic stubble cooler. To learn more, please click /



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