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  Manufacturing environment. In addition to the basic ventilation, temperature, humidity and sanitation conditions, the natural conditions of the winery are also related, including the building orientation, wind direction, etc. These factors affect the activity of microorganisms to a great extent, thus affecting the quality of base liquor.
  The quality of water. The mountain is good, the water is good, and the wine is good. It can be said that the winery who has a good spring, who has the advantage of wine. This is also the reason why some large wineries did not find good water sources and did not build factories or introduce large-scale brewing equipment.
  Fermentation environment. The ventilation, temperature, humidity and sanitary conditions of fermentation workshop will affect the quality of wine. Temperature and hygiene are the two main factors that affect fermentation. The decrease of curve temperature and the control of mouth temperature are very important. In the process of fermentation, the changes of water, acidity, alcohol content and starch residue should be analyzed at any time.
  During the fermentation of solid liquor, the cooling bed, incubator and surrounding environment should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to provide a clean environment for the fermentation of grain liquor.
  The above is a detailed introduction to the requirements of automatic stubble cooler in the process of brewing equipment. For more information, please click/



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