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  We often use solid wood barrels because the brewing effect is very good, but because we are not professional technicians, nor through professional training, we will enter a large number of errors, resulting in irreparable losses, I hope you must be alert to the following equipment errors.
  First, wine is made from real barrels or chips
  Solid wood barrel is a traditional wine making tool, which can improve the taste of wine. The application of sawdust and wood powder is different from that of barrel, which is a new technology in the development of wine industry. The material of the real barrel is the same as that of the real barrel. Bile wine can breathe oxygen through the barrel wall, which is what the real barrel does not have. In the aging process, it is recommended to use solid wood barrels. Solid wood chips play an auxiliary role.
  2、 Whether the real barrel can be used indefinitely
  The wine is in contact with the barrel wall in the wine, and its aromatic substances are integrated into the water. With the passage of time, the aroma content of wine is less and less, the aroma of barrel wall will gradually reduce, the aged barrel is easy to be polluted by harmful microorganisms, and its active ingredients will also reduce. In general, the service life of solid wood barrels should not exceed 10 years. After use, sawdust can be added to increase the effective ingredients of the barrel. When the barrel is used to a certain age, it must be replaced in time.
  3、 Whether to purchase wooden barrels in one step
  Due to the high barrel cost, some enterprises in the new winery, want to profit, one step in place. This idea is unrealistic. It's better to buy regularly, in small amount and continuously. Timely change according to the annual wine situation. Choose the right bucket. Since you are a wine making friend, you'd better buy real barrels of different sizes and replace them according to their storage capacity.
  The above is the detailed introduction of the full-automatic stubble cooler on whether the wooden barrel can be recycled. For more information, please click /



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