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  How much do you know about the secret of mujiuhai?
  Wine sea is a large glass container for wine. The older the wine, the better the quality, the more mature the body. The inner wall is pasted with soft and tough Sammi paper, which is not easy to be damaged. The wood wine sea has the characteristics of no deformation, no moth, heat and cold insulation and good sealing effect. The beneficial elements in mulberry skin, deer blood and egg white interact with wine after being pasted by traditional technology, which provides a good natural environment for the growth and development of microbial species in Jiuhai. Pure grain wine is further mellowed, stabilized and improved. After being stored in the wood wine sea, the pure grain wine tastes more fragrant, mellow and memorable.

  Secondly, the barrel storage of wine sea is conducive to the growth and development of microbial species in wine. The wood wine sea made by traditional handicraft is composed of non-toxic organic substances such as Korean pine, mulberry rice paper, deer blood, egg white, etc. Through the traditional manual paste processing, it can not only play the sealing effect without wine leakage, but also make the beneficial elements in mulberry bark, deer blood, protein and wine, so as to form a good natural environment conducive to the growth and development of microbial species of wine, thus making the wine more nutritious.
  The above is the detailed introduction of stainless steel inner solid wood barrel on whether to add materials in the brewing process. For more information, please click /



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