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  With the continuous innovation of brewing equipment, the intelligent development of small-scale brewing equipment has brought convenience to our brewing operation. Only one or two people are required to operate a device.
  This device can effectively save labor resources. But recently, many customers have reported that there will be water leakage in the process of using the brewing equipment, so we asked the brewing equipment manufacturers to introduce the treatment method of water leakage in the small wine brewing equipment.
  First of all, if the temperature of the small white spirit equipment is lower than - 13.2 ℃, tin welding is not enough to repair it. At that low temperature, the metal lattice will turn into powdery slag tin, making the solder joints leak. When the temperature rises, the water will leak again.
  第二,如果很薄的小酒酿造设备只能使用防水胶修复,厚钻孔,攻螺丝,不锈钢螺丝,大裂缝或拆迁,锡锌铝合金焊接铝不锈钢储罐的60% 5% 35%的锡、锌和铝释放铁勺融化等加热电器,细长杆。清洗裂纹处的油污,用砂布打磨氧化膜,然后用螺丝刀或钢锯片刮擦干净。用喷灯将铝件加热至300-400℃,在裂纹处摩擦焊条。当焊条熔化时,用螺丝刀将熔化的焊条合金在裂纹处进行摩擦,使合金流入裂纹内,再逐渐加厚焊接层。
  Second, if very thin small wine brewing equipment can only be repaired with waterproof glue, thick drilling, tapping screws, stainless steel screws, large cracks or demolition, 60% 5% of the tin, zinc and aluminum alloy welded aluminum stainless steel storage tanks, 35% of the tin, zinc and aluminum release ladle melting and other heating appliances, slender rods. Clean the oil stain at the crack, polish the oxide film with abrasive cloth, and then scrape it with a screwdriver or hacksaw blade. Heat the aluminum parts to 300-400 ℃ with a blowtorch and rub the welding rod at the crack. When the electrode melts, use a screwdriver to rub the melted electrode alloy at the crack, make the alloy flow into the crack, and then gradually thicken the welding layer.
  Maintenance refers to regular or irregular maintenance and inspection of production equipment to ensure the normal operation of small-scale liquor equipment manufacturers. The purpose is to ensure that the production equipment does not have or less failures. Each functional department shall master the maintenance and repair guidelines. The maintenance time is flexibly controlled by the user and the manager, which can be planned and controlled. It is an active and active means of preventive maintenance.
  If we want to deal with the leakage of small-scale liquor brewing equipment, we should pay attention to many details. In the future, we will continue to collect relevant information and introduce it to you in detail. We hope that the content in this period can help us.
  The above is a detailed introduction of the automatic stubble cooler to the treatment of water leakage in the brewing equipment. I hope it can help you. For more information, please click /



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