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  In small and medium-sized brewing equipment, its working temperature needs to be controlled. Now there are many kinds of wine, the more common is distilled wine, which is a variety of alcoholic beverages with higher alcohol concentration than the original fermentation products. Brandy, whisky, rum and Chinese liquor are all distilled spirits, most of which are spirits.
  Temperature control of small and medium-sized brewing equipment:
  First of all, the principle of distillation is to use the fermentation of distiller's grains and the water with different boiling points to achieve the purpose of separation. The boiling points of ethanol and water are different. In this way, the original fermentation liquid, i.e. fermented grain, is heated to the boiling point between the two, distilled and collected alcohol and aromatic substances.
  Secondly, it should be noted that the alcohol concentration in the head of the wine is generally large, and boiling point substances such as aldehydes, esters and ketones are gathered in the head of the wine, so we need to separate the head of the wine separately. At the end of spraying, the alcohol content decreased rapidly and the fusel oil content was higher.
  In addition, it can be seen from here that temperature has a great influence on the whole process of steaming wine, that is to say, heat control is very good, not only wine can be increased correspondingly, but also wine quality will be better.
  In general, you need to know the beginning of wine before you start brewing in small and medium-sized brewing equipment, change the beginning of wine to medium fire, and then use fire to pick up the wine. Only with good fire control can the quality of wine be better and more even.
  The above is the detailed introduction of automatic wine vending machine on how to control the temperature of wine making equipment. To learn more about wine making consultation, please click /



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