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  As the name implies, wine containers are used to hold containers. Generally speaking, they are very solid. However, in order to ensure safety, relevant protective measures need to be taken. Otherwise, once an accident occurs due to some external factors, it will be over. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the protective measures of the container equipment, and do the following:
  1. 有装酒容器的地方禁止吸烟。张贴禁止吸烟的标志或警告,提醒员工不要吸烟。
  1. Smoking is prohibited in places with wine containers. Post no smoking signs or warnings to remind employees not to smoke.
  2. 在酒馆周围安设一名保安。警卫将定期检查酒馆的维修和管理情况。
  2. Set up a security guard around the pub. The guards will check the maintenance and management of the pub on a regular basis.
  3. When entering the working area of the wine cabinet, the staff shall wear anti-static clothing and shall not wear iron high-heeled shoes. Lighters and inflammable and explosive materials are prohibited.
  4. 携带儿童或宠物入场时,切勿携带易燃易爆物品、易爆毒药和有害化学物品。
  4. When bringing children or pets into the site, do not carry inflammable and explosive substances, explosive poisons and harmful chemicals.
  Therefore, the above protective measures must be taken to ensure not only the safety of the wine cabinet equipment, but also the personal safety of the staff. The relevant personnel must have certain first aid and protection knowledge, so as to deal with the situation quickly in case of danger, so as to avoid that the occurrence of danger will only cause panic and cause greater danger
  The above is a detailed introduction to the protection measures of the automatic stubble cooler for wine containers. For more information, please click /



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