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    1. 个关键因素是温度。更好的红酒储存温度应在13°c。尽量保持温度稳定,否则会对葡萄酒的质量造成很大伤害。随着温度的升高,葡萄酒的成熟时间会缩短,葡萄酒的风味会越来越淡,葡萄酒会因为过度的空气氧化而发霉。
  1. The first key factor is temperature. The best red wine storage temperature should be 13 ° C. Try to keep the temperature stable, otherwise it will cause great damage to the quality of wine. With the increase of temperature, the ripening time of wine will be shortened, the flavor of wine will be lighter and lighter, and the wine will be moldy due to excessive air oxidation.
  2. 环境湿度的危害主要由瓶塞引起,湿度通常在60% ~ 70%之间。环境湿度过低,瓶塞会越来越干,损害密封效果,让更多的空气与葡萄酒接触,加速葡萄酒的空气氧化,导致葡萄酒质量下降。也许,环境湿度过高是不好的,瓶塞发霉也会破坏葡萄酒的品质。
  2. The harm of environmental humidity is mainly caused by bottle stopper, and the humidity is usually between 60% and 70%. If the environmental humidity is too low, the cork will be more and more dry, which will damage the sealing effect, make more air contact with wine, accelerate the air oxidation of wine, and lead to the decline of wine quality. Perhaps, too high humidity is not good, cork moldy will also damage the quality of wine.
  3. The damage of ultraviolet light to wine in the light source is very big, and it is one of the culprits to accelerate the whole air oxidation process of wine. Therefore, if you want to store red wine for a long time, you must put it in the dark.
  4. When red wine is in the barrel, its transformation is a slow process. The vibration will accelerate the ripening period of red wine, and the result may be that the red wine becomes more and more unsmooth. Therefore, it should be placed in a place without vibration and does not need to be moved frequently.
  5. 有放置酒桶的地方。大家都知道红酒需要是水平的。事实上,软木塞可以倾斜15度。对于必须储存很长时间的葡萄酒,更好不要把酒桶放下。由于葡萄酒的存放时间会有长时间的沉淀,平顶或瓶塞向上倾斜一点,沉淀会聚集在底部;如果软木向下倾斜,沉淀会聚集在软木周围,并在那里停留很长时间。当倒酒的时候,它会和沉淀一起倒进杯子里,破坏了酒的味道。
  5. There is a place for the wine barrel. We all know that red wine needs to be level. In fact, corks can be tilted 15 degrees. For wines that must be stored for a long time, it is best not to put the barrel down. Due to the long-term deposit of wine, if the flat top or cork inclines upward a little, the deposit will gather at the bottom; if the cork inclines downward, the deposit will gather around the cork and stay there for a long time. When pouring wine, it will be poured into the cup together with the precipitate, which destroys the taste of the wine.
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