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  The bar weaving wine basket is an ancient folk craft in our country, which is a special container for holding wine. Now we often see it in our life. What's the way to hit the next ball? The crate is made of bamboo. It's usually round in shape, with a big belly and a small mouth. It has glaze on the outside or glaze on the inside. It is a kind of wine storage container with a long history and wide application.
  First of all, we need to use wicker or bamboo belt to bind to the frame, the shape of a basket, paste it on the frame with mulberry paper, then mix pig blood and lime and other things to smear inside and outside the basket, in order to better ensure the quality of the basket.
  Pig blood and mulberry paper, absolutely do not contain any chemicals, belong to pure natural green materials. Mulberry paper is not selected. Some of the paper has been damaged, up to 20% of the sea. It is mainly used to paste baskets and wine.
The above is the automatic wine vending machine to introduce to you the production method of bar woven wine baskets. We must master the correct operation method to produce better quality bar woven wine baskets. To learn more, please click /



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