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  Rentai wine container is a kind of container for wine. It's very solid. However, in order to ensure safety, it is still necessary to take relevant protective measures, otherwise, once an accident occurs due to some external factors, it will be over. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the protection methods of container equipment and do the following:
  One. It is forbidden to smoke in the place where wine bottles are placed. Warning signs should be posted to remind employees not to smoke. It's easy to catch fire.
  2. A security administrator is set around to check the maintenance and management of the tavern regularly.
  Three. When entering the working area of the wine cabinet, the staff shall wear anti-static clothes, iron high-heeled shoes, lighters, inflammables and explosives, and electronic equipment such as mobile phones.
  Four. When bringing children and pets into the country, they are not allowed to carry inflammable and explosive substances, explosive poisons and harmful chemicals.
  Therefore, it is necessary to ensure not only the equipment safety of the wine cabinet, but also the personal safety of the staff. The above protection measures must be in place. The relevant staff must have certain first aid and protection knowledge, so as to be able to deal with the crisis quickly when encountering the risk, and avoid the greater risk caused by the rush for success.
  The above is the introduction of stainless steel inner solid wood barrel to wine container equipment. To learn more, please visit the official website /



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