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  In order to meet the needs of people's life for wine, large-scale brewing equipment has been more and more widely used. So today, let's follow the automatic wine vending machine to learn how to choose satisfactory equipment? Here are the details of the following points to be noted in the procurement process:
  One. Choose strong manufacturers, have innovative business model and professional service platform construction, have solid industry practice and operation. We are committed to creating value for our customers.
  Two. High quality service and after-sales service. In addition to the full set of brewing equipment, it also depends on whether the company can provide relevant services, such as installation and commissioning and after-sales services, old equipment expansion and upgrading services, etc.
  Three. High quality materials are selected and the main body of the equipment is made of sanitary stainless steel, which ensures the pure taste of wine, high sanitary standard and prolongs the service life of the equipment.
  Four. Check the internal structure and lining of the equipment. The outer cladding is made of 304 stainless steel plate, and the inner and outer walls are polished by argon arc welding.
  With the increasing demand for wine, the use of brewing equipment is becoming more and more common. To produce high quality wine, it is necessary to control the pressure of wine storage tank and provide a good environment for brewing.
  The wine brewed by the brewing equipment contains carbon dioxide, which is mainly produced in the process of wine storage and fermentation. Then, under the condition of closed tank, according to the principle of higher pressure, lower temperature and larger amount of dissolution, carbon dioxide can be saturated, which depends on the regulation of tank pressure and fermentation temperature.
  Brewing equipment
  In order to avoid tank explosion, tank pressure should be adjusted according to carbon dioxide content. Meanwhile, the pressure in the tank shall not exceed the working pressure of the wine tank. When the pressure exceeds the process requirements, in order to effectively ensure the normal operation of the equipment, the small vent cock can be opened, part of the vent cock can be released slowly, and connected in series with the tank with low pressure, which is conducive to tank balance.
  In a word, in order to ensure the normal operation of the brewing equipment and make the carbon dioxide in the tank saturated, the pressure of the wine storage tank should be controlled so that it can be compensated and balanced.
  The above is the introduction of the following points to be noted in the procurement process. To learn more, please visit the official website /



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