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  We all know that the full-automatic stubble cooler is used in wine making equipment. We have also learned that wine making requires not only good equipment, but also accumulated experience. Today, Qufu rentai container packaging Co., Ltd. will take you to know how to improve the taste of wine and how to make good wine?
  I. optimization of liquor making equipment and liquor steaming process
  "Aroma production depends on fermentation, aroma enhancement depends on Distillation". A set of good brewing equipment and control of superstitious and proper liquor steaming technology can not only effectively extract the fragrance in the liquor, but also play the goal of removing the evil and miscellaneous taste in the liquor. In the process of steaming wine, we must control the temperature, pinching the head and tail, picking the wine in quantity and quality, and storing in sections.
  II. Fermentation and aroma enhancement of koji
  The raw material has higher request to the starter than the clinker, because there is no final cooking, so it is necessary that the saccharification and fermentation power of the starter is stronger. The goal is to enhance fermentation by microorganisms in the distiller's yeast. In the process of fermentation, in addition to transforming food into wine and water, it will also be endowed with the ester alcohol aldehyde of the Department, which will be used for the special flavor of liquor. Koji can be born with more esters and aldehydes, making the wine more mellow.
  Three, steaming
  In the process of liquor steaming, using solid fermented grains or adopting fragrant fermented grains can promote the flavor of raw material liquor, make liquor stronger and better aftertaste.
  Four. Storage
  The content of aldehydes, alcohols and acids in the newly steamed wine is still relatively high. After a period of use, these materials are transformed into each other and combined with natural esters. The taste of the wine is mellow and the aroma is solid. The storage container is pottery jar, which has a certain amount of leisure. The gas can break through the container and catalyze the natural fragrance.
  Scalding with boiling water above 90 degrees for fermentation, extending the fermentation cycle and controlling the temperature of the fermentation room can effectively promote the flavor and taste of raw wine.
  The above is the introduction of Qufu rentai container packaging Co., Ltd. on how to improve the taste of wine and how to make good wine. I hope it can help you. To learn more, please click /



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