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  Wine is a traditional Chinese drink! Most people will choose automatic wine vending machine to buy wine for convenience, and a few people will choose their own wine! So today, Qufu rentai container packaging Co., Ltd. will show you the differences between home brewing equipment and large-scale brewing equipment?
  Family brewing equipment is small and easy to use at home. It can produce wine for drinking at home, which makes many people who like drinking very interested. If they want to know some relevant knowledge, this paper will introduce some characteristics of family brewing equipment for you, so that you can make reference when considering.
  1. The design structure of the equipment is reasonable, and the stainless steel material is selected for manufacturing. It has good corrosion resistance, long service life and many sizes, which are suitable for different placement environments.
  2. Simple operation, high degree of automation, easy to learn and convenient to produce wine.
  Home brewing equipment
  3. The function is simple but complete enough, because it is for home use, and the preparation of raw materials is not complicated, so one person can operate it.
  4. The raw materials are diversified, and there are not too many restrictions and requirements for raw materials. Users can use different raw materials according to their preferences. For example, rice, wheat, etc. can be used, and the taste of different raw materials is different, adding different taste to life.
  5. The liquor production rate of home brewing equipment is relatively high. Use raw materials as much as possible to save raw materials and reduce waste.
  Large scale brewing equipment can bring large output to manufacturers. It has large scale and large output, and is suitable for many breweries. Because the brewing equipment is produced with fermentation as the core, many materials are often put into the equipment for fermentation, so many microorganisms may appear in the equipment for long-term use, including some harmful ones, so the cleaning of harmful microorganisms in large-scale brewing equipment is an important step in the production process.
  Large scale brewing equipment
  I. although the equipment mentioned above has been used for a long time, the newly purchased large-scale brewing equipment shall also clean up the harmful microorganisms inside before installation and use. Because the long-term storage of the equipment after leaving the factory will produce a lot of microorganisms, which can only be used after cleaning.
  2. Steam can be used to clean up harmful microorganisms. The specific implementation plan is to drain water in the boiler, add water to the top of the water level line, and then heat to a certain extent. Use the air pipe to connect the boiler, liquor barrel, cooler and other parts, so that the water vapor generated by the boiled water can be kept in the equipment for about half an hour, then the heating can be stopped, and the tool can be removed.
  The above is the introduction of the differences between home brewing equipment and large-scale brewing equipment by Qufu rentai container packaging Co., Ltd! Welcome to /



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