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  Today, Qufu rentai container packaging Co., Ltd. will introduce the importance of brewing equipment to you?
  First, equipment material.
  The main parts of the brewing equipment of this machine are all made of 8k304 stainless steel. The welding of the equipment is very fine, acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant, safe to use, good quality and long service life.
  Second, equipment structure.
  The wine can be adjusted. A mechanical liquor making equipment is equipped with a liquor degree adjustable pot cover, which can not only adjust the liquor degree, but also play the role of filtering and removing impurities, urging aging and increasing fragrance; moreover, the double-layer structure of the liquor degree adjustable pot cover can also play the role of adjusting the liquor degree, re steaming and improving the quality.
  Good cooling and sealing. The special cooler device increases the cooling area and improves the cooling effect, while the good sealing makes the liquor vapor not exposed and ensures the output.
  The string steamer can steam different wines with different grain strings to solve the thousand year old problem.
  In addition, the energy-saving design is adopted for the bottom of the pot of the brewing equipment, which greatly reduces the fuel consumption and saves the production cost. There are 9 types of equipment, 32 kinds of conventional equipment, and the most suitable brewing equipment can be selected according to different needs and investment capacity
  Of course, with only one "dagger", we can't knock down our competitors. What should we do? Get yourself a pistol! The multi-functional aging machine developed by a machine is a "pistol" that will let you defeat your opponent and win without doubt.
  The aging machine is mainly the aging powder, which is made of the purification enzyme, Chinese herbal medicine and the unique raw materials of Maotai distillery. It has the functions of aging, clarification, removing impurities and increasing fragrance. The specific functions are as follows:
  New wine is transformed into old wine. The new wine can have the quality of old wine after being accelerated by aging machine. Like Maotai wine, it can add water and ice without turbidity.
  Turbid wine is converted into clarification. Color is an important evaluation standard for wine quality, and the aging machine can clarify the turbid wine, make the wine clear and transparent, just like bottled wine.
  Bad wine into good wine. If the traditional wine making has made "bad wine", such as paste pot wine, sour wine, spicy wine and other wine with heavy mixed flavor, it can only be poured out or sold at a reduced price, while the aging machine can turn these bad wine into good wine. Secondly, the aging machine can also remove the sweet potato flavor from the sweet potato wine, so we can use the cheap sweet potato and cassava to make wine, greatly reducing the cost of wine making and increasing the income.
  The above is the introduction of the importance of wine making equipment by Qufu rentai container packaging Co., Ltd. hope to help you! For more information, please click /



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