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  You know what to pay attention to when making wine in winter! How to deal with the obstacle of winter wine making! First of all, we should choose a good automatic stubble cooler. Now let Qufu rentai container packaging Co., Ltd. know about it!
  1. How to deal with the low temperature and liquor yield in winter?
  Liquor making is a process of microbial metabolism, and temperature control is very important for liquor consumption. If a good control of fermentation temperature cannot be stopped, liquor dropping is inevitable. It is relatively appropriate to control the fermentation temperature at 25-35 ℃ in winter. When the indoor temperature cannot be changed in winter, the liquid can control the temperature with a constant temperature rod, and the solid should do a good job in the heat preservation of the fermentation system, such as the cylinder and barrel Enough insulation.
  2. How to effectively improve the flavor and taste of the wine?
  First of all, in the fermentation process through the use of multi starter fermentation, can enhance the wine acid aldehyde fat and other trace elements. Second, properly extend the fermentation time of fermented grains, but pay attention to the control of fermentation environment to avoid bacterial contamination; third, use fermented grains to make some flavoring liquor to stop the blending of liquor; fourth, proper storage, liquor aging can also improve the taste of liquor, but pay attention to the storage methods and conditions.
  3. How to deal with the wine tail properly? Can it be steamed separately?
  Liquor tail, that is, the liquor steamed out of the retort, has a lot of acid substances and a lot of evil and miscellaneous taste, but there are rich fragrant substances. It is certainly possible to re steam alone. It should be noted that the liquor steamed out to 20 can be used as a good liquor base to stop the blending of liquor, and can also be poured into the fermented fermented fermented grains for re steam together.
  4. How to store the wine to ensure the wine quality is not affected?
  First of all, for the request of liquor storage itself, the degree should be more than 60 degrees. Generally speaking, the liquor below 52 degrees is not suitable for long-term storage. The liquor quality is better. Second, for the request of external environment, including storage containers, environment, methods, etc., the environment is relatively stable and direct sunlight is prevented.
  5. What details should be paid attention to when sorghum is crushed and fermented in liquid state?
  It's a good choice to use the comminuted sorghum as the liquid technology. The liquid technology omits the process of grain cooking and gelatinization, so the requirements for saccharification and fermentation power of distiller's yeast will be higher. Can the fermentation temperature be guaranteed? If the temperature is not enough, the fermentation will not be complete for 30 days. It's recommended to use warm water to ensure the fermentation starts quickly. Pay attention to the heat preservation in winter, do well in mixing, and check the steaming operation Can it show the phenomenon of steam running.
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