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  Have you ever known what the automatic stubble cooler is, what it does, and when it came into being? Now let Qufu rentai container packaging Co., Ltd. take you to know!
  The generation of automatic stubble cooling machine replaced the underground recommendation machine in 1980s. The original underground recommendation machine not only has complicated operation, high labor intensity and long working time, but also can't recover the raw materials for brewing due to the leakage of the bizikong, which results in all the waste of raw materials. During cleaning, water flushing and other causes waste of water sources and environmental pollution, with low working efficiency.
  全自动凉荐机,工人把出锅后的荐子铲入该机后,自动加油、加水至温度适宜、自动卸料,减少了工人劳动强度。在整个凉荐过程中,荐子经过三道拌料器,将荐子与大曲搅拌均匀。原打荐机整个凉荐过程,大约需要40-50分钟,使用全自动凉荐机,仅用20分钟左右,缩短了时间,并且整机配用动力小、工作时间短、节约能源、凉荐效果更佳。原地下打荐机,在凉荐过程中,从毕子孔落入地下风道的荐子约占问题的3%左右,无法收回,造成了原料直接浪费。安装前需要挖坑、砌墙、安排污管道等繁琐的准备工作。使用全自动凉荐机,凉荐网带漏掉的荐子直接落入本机设计的不锈 钢箱体内,清理后完全卧池利用,清理简便杜绝了浪费与环境污染现象。安装前,车间地面不需任何准备工作。还可根据需要,移动使用。
  Fully automatic cold recommendation machine, after workers shovel the recommendation into the machine after leaving the pot, they automatically refuel, add water to a suitable temperature, and automatically unload, reducing the labor intensity of workers. In the whole process of cold recommendation, the recommender passes through three mixers to mix the recommender and Daqu evenly. The whole cold recommendation process of the original recommendation machine takes about 40-50 minutes. The use of full-automatic cold recommendation machine only takes about 20 minutes, which shortens the time. Moreover, the whole machine is equipped with small power, short working time, energy saving and better cold recommendation effect. In the process of cold recommendation, about 3% of the original underground recommendation machine fell into the underground air duct from the bifurcated hole, which could not be recovered, resulting in a direct waste of raw materials. Before installation, it is necessary to dig pits, build walls, arrange sewage pipes and other complicated preparations. With the use of the automatic cooling recommendation machine, the missing recommendation of the cooling recommendation net belt directly falls into the stainless steel box designed by the machine. After cleaning, it is completely used in the horizontal pool, and the cleaning is simple and easy to eliminate waste and environmental pollution. Before installation, the workshop floor does not need any preparation work. It can also be used as needed.
  The above is the introduction of Qufu rentai container packaging Co., Ltd. to the automatic stubble cooler. I hope it can help you. For more information, please click /



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