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  Technology is developing, technology is improving, and demand is changing. Qufu rentai container packaging Co., Ltd. will show you the development and Prospect of the vending machine!
  2017 is the first year of the emergence of vending machines.
  As one of the new business forms, the vending machine business has achieved rapid growth against the trend for six consecutive years under the overall poor performance of the traditional wholesale industry.
  According to the data presented in the market prospect forecast and investment strategic planning analysis report of China's self-service machine industry in 2018-2023 issued by the prospective industry research institute.
  Since 2011, China's automatic vending machine industry has been developing rapidly. By the end of 2016, the stock of automatic vending machines in China was about 190000, and the market scope of the industry has grown by more than 14 times compared with 2011. But compared with other countries, our penetration rate is far from enough!
  Compared with foreign countries, domestic market is not saturated
  Why is the automatic wine vending machine called the hundred billion game in the small machine?
  TechNavio 数据指出,美国自动售卖机和便利店的比例为 30:1,2014~2018 年美国自动售卖机预期复合增长率高于54.3%,美国 2021 年自动贩卖机市场范围将达133.4亿美圆。
  Technavio data points out that the proportion of vending machines and convenience stores in the United States is 30:12014-2018, the expected compound growth rate of vending machines in the United States is higher than 54.3%, and the market scope of vending machines in the United States will reach US $13.34 billion in 2021.
  依据中国连锁运营协会的材料显现,国内便利店数量约为 9 万。对标美国的比例指数,国内自动售卖机数量应为 270 万台。
  According to the materials of China chain operation association, the number of convenience stores in China is about 90000. Compared with the proportion index of the United States, the number of domestic vending machines should be 2.7 million.
  但是目前,国内自动售卖机仅为不到 20 万台(对标日本 75:1,则还要高2.3倍)。虽然 2011~2015年,国内自动售卖机 CAGR 高于100%,但自动售卖机市场远未到达饱和。
  But at present, the number of domestic vending machines is less than 200000 (compared with 75:1 in Japan, which is 2.3 times higher). Although the CAGR of domestic vending machine is higher than 100% from 2011 to 2015, the market of vending machine is far from saturation.
  据凯度预测,按每台自动售卖机月营收 6000 元来算,中国 2020 年自动售卖机年营收可达千亿钱。
  According to the forecast of Kaidu, based on the monthly revenue of 6000 yuan per vending machine, the annual revenue of China's vending machines in 2020 will reach 100 billion yuan.
  Development opportunities and background
  Why is the automatic wine vending machine called the hundred billion game in the small machine?
  In August 2017, the first industry standard of domestic vending machine, China vending machine operation and shutdown Guidance standard (Trial), was launched.
  The new specification contains 15 items, and makes clear requests for the operation and shutdown of automatic vending machines from operation qualification (business access), equipment landing request, operation management, food safety control and other aspects.
  At present, affected by the tide of big data economy and intelligence, automatic vending machines used to be at the forefront of the wholesale industry. High-speed development requires strong order support, and the newly issued industry standards deal with relevant issues at a certain level.
  At the same time, the development of the period, the improvement of mobile payment, and the promotion of the supply side all accelerate the development of the vending machine.
  The above is an introduction to the development of the vending machine by Qufu rentai container packaging Co., Ltd. I hope it can help you. To understand more, please click



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