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  Qufu rentai container packaging Co., Ltd. suggests active maintenance, because the maintenance of automatic stubble cooler is particularly important. It can not only ensure that the brewed wine is more sweet and lingering, but also reduce your maintenance costs. Regularly suspend the inspection of the normal operation of the equipment to ensure that the wine making equipment does not or does not suffer from defects. The technical department should follow the maintenance guidelines, and the time management personnel can freely control the maintenance. As for the maintenance equipment, there is no need to change the parts, which costs less in economy and does not affect the work of other consumer equipment in the factory. Maintenance is not the same, we need to change parts, waste working time of equipment, so as to affect the consumption tasks and plans of the whole enterprise, and affect the economic benefits of the enterprise. So you should pay attention to the daily equipment maintenance, so as to reduce the number of maintenance.
  The above are some introductions made by Qufu rentai container packaging Co., Ltd. on the self-care of automatic stubble cooler. For detailed understanding, please click /



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