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  When the weather turns cold, someone will find that the liquor production rate of his brewing equipment has suddenly increased. Why? The brewing equipment has the following answers.
  In fact, it's not that the liquor production rate increases, but that your liquor production rate is too low in summer. In summer, due to the influence of high temperature, the liquor production rate becomes low. After the weather turns cool, the liquor production rate also recovers. The effects of high temperature on brewing equipment are as follows:
  1. Starch is not completely converted into sugar. In summer, too high temperature of distiller's yeast, too high temperature of fermentation room and too much grain in fermentation barrel will lead to too strong temperature rise in the exuberant fermentation period and kill the activity of distiller's yeast.
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  2. Glucose is not completely converted into wine. This situation will not only appear in summer, but also occur in winter due to inadequate insulation measures.
  3. Miscellaneous bacteria transform local starch or sugar into other substances. In the process of wine making, if the temperature is higher than 36 ℃, the mixed bacteria will multiply in large quantities, which will convert starch or sugar into other substances, leading to low liquor yield or peculiar smell in the wine.
  4. The fermentation barrel is not well sealed, and the cooling or sealing of the brewing equipment is not good. After saccharification, if the seal is not tight, due to high temperature, alcohol molecules are very easy to volatilize in.
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