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  Small brewing equipment is usually more suitable for brewing and drinking, but there are also many people without any experience and brewing, so there can be problems in this process, such as the taste of wine always burning pot, let's see how to avoid boiling pot in the brewing.
  There are two reasons for using small-scale brewing equipment to cook wine一是葡萄酒在蒸馏前没有完全发酵。酿造是一个化学变化的过程,淀粉变成葡萄糖,葡萄糖转化为乙醇,如果没有完成发酵,酒材料留下了少量的淀粉和葡萄糖,在蒸馏过程中,淀粉会沉到锅底,造成糊锅。与此同时,不完全发酵也会影响酒率和品味。
  One is that wine is not fully fermented before distillation. Brewing is a process of chemical change. Starch changes into glucose and glucose changes into ethanol. If fermentation is not completed, a small amount of starch and glucose will be left in the wine material. During the distillation process, starch will sink to the bottom of the pot, resulting in a paste pot. At the same time, incomplete fermentation can also affect liquor yield and taste.
  Second, there is a mistake in the method. When using directly heated wine making equipment to bake wine or wine, too much fire may cause the situation of paste pot, so that the impatient people can't eat hot tofu. This sentence is used in brewing and using.
  Small brewing equipment usually drinks the wine, so it's OK to directly heat the equipment and save it. Just stir it several times in the process to keep it from sinking into the pot.
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