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  除个别酸外,酒中的酸大部分为有机酸,其解离度约为10 ~ 5。与白酒中的酯类、醇类和醛类相比,酸的作用强,功能丰富,影响广泛,难于掌握。
  Except for some acids, most of the acids in wine are organic acids, and their dissociation degree is about 10 ~ 5. Compared with esters, alcohols and aldehydes in liquor, acid has strong function, rich function, wide influence and is difficult to master.
  What's the function of acid in liquor? Here's a brief introduction of automatic stubble cooling machine.
  Reduce the bitterness in wine
  Most white wines have a bitter taste. Whether wine is bitter or not depends on the amount of acid. The lack of acid makes wine bitter. Too much acid and wine, though not bitter, can cause new problems. When the acidity of wine is in a moderate range and the proportion of acid is in a range, wine must not be bitter.
  It's a catalyst for new and old wine.
  In China, liquor is required to be stored for a certain period of time, and Maotai liquor is required to be stored for 3 years. So acid itself is a very good catalyst to be familiar with. How much of it is and how to coordinate with the composition of wine itself, the ability to be familiar with acceleration, the ability to control the quantity of acid in stock, the ability to master some necessary coordination factors, the ability to speed up the familiarity of wine will get two results and half of the efforts.
  3. Important liquor flavor agents
  The taste of white wine is a very complex process. The comprehensive response of liquor to taste stimulation is what we call taste. Although we have all kinds of descriptions of liquor taste, there is a consensus that we should pay attention to the aftertaste, aftertaste and aftertaste of liquor. All the components of liquor have two functions, one is to improve the taste, the other is to enhance the flavor. Acid is mainly a contribution to flavor, and it is an important flavor of liquor.
  4. 酒的香气具有遮盖作用
  4. The aroma of wine has the function of covering
  The wine with high acid content added to the wine with normal acid content has obvious inhibitory effect on the aroma of normal wine, commonly known as "pressing fragrance". Acid plays a special role in solving the integration of various substances in wine and changing the complexity of aroma.
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