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  Liquor making equipment is a kind of equipment used to produce liquor. Because of its large output, fast production speed, stable liquor quality and good taste, it is deeply loved by the public. But there are many friends who don't judge grain and alcohol, so let's take a look.
  One way: judge grain wine and alcohol wine from the implementation standard of wine.
  Chinese liquor executive standard:
  Gbt10781-2006 is the executive standard of solid-state liquor. It is a kind of wine produced by solid-state fermentation with single crystal as raw material. It is also a good wine that people often say.
  Gbt20822-2007 is the executive standard of solid liquid liquid. That is to say, there is a part of white wine and a part of grain wine.
  Gbt20821-2007 is the executive standard of pure alcohol.
  The new regulations are mandatory, which can help consumers distinguish different types of liquor and prevent small and medium-sized distilleries that mass produce mixed liquor from filling up with inferior liquor. In the future, consumers will be able to judge whether the wine you drink is grain wine or mellow wine according to the implementation of the regulations.
  Step 2: turn the bottle upside down and shake it. Observe the change of hops. The dense and slow disappearance of hops is a high-quality wine, and the less and faster disappearance of hops is an incomplete wine.
  The third way: look at the wine quality from the main material column. Good wine is Daqu. Daqu liquor is the best liquor in China. The raw materials for brewing koji include barley, wheat, pea, etc. The main ingredients are barley, wheat and pea wine, basically Daqu wine. But many manufacturers are confused.
  Fourth move: open the bottle in the future, pour the wine in the hand, rub the heat with both hands, put the bottom of the nose to smell, the wine sends the fragrance is the high-grade wine, the fragrance is the middle-class wine, the bitter has the bad smell and other different mixed flavor residual wine.
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