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  There are many kinds of malt commonly used in beer, including domestic malt and imported malt. Domestic malt is divided into primary malt and secondary malt. The imported malt is mainly wheat. As the main raw material of beer brewing, how to judge its quality? First of all, the appearance of wheat is shiny, pure light yellow, with the fragrance of wheat grass, full and tidy seeds, thin skin, fine lines.
  What are the requirements of barley for brewing?
  Second: physical examination
  (1)千粒重35 ~ 45g。
  (1) 1000 grain weight 35 ~ 45g.
  (2) the grain larger than 2.5mm is the first grade barley, and the grain 2.2-2.5mm is the second grade barley. Both primary and secondary barley can be used as brewing materials. The lower abdomen, 2.2 mm in diameter, is secondary barley and is not used for brewing.
  (3) endosperm state: the endosperm section is powdery white plasmid with high starch content, good water absorption and easy decomposition. Endosperm part is vitreous or semivitreous, poor water absorption, starch is not easy to decompose.
  (4) germination power and germination rate germination rate refers to the percentage of germination within 3 days, which shall not be less than 90%. Germination rate refers to the percentage of germination within 5 days, which shall not be less than 95%.
  Last: chemical test
  (1) the moisture content of barley should be less than 13%, otherwise it is difficult to store.
  (2)提取物的质量分数一般要求在72% ~ 80%(干物质计数)以上,与淀粉的质量分数相差约14.7%。
  (2) the mass fraction of the extract should be over 72% - 80% (dry matter count), which is about 14.7% different from that of the starch.
  (3)蛋白质的质量分数一般要求为9% ~ 12%(绝对干物质),辅料用量可达13.5%。
  (3) the content of protein is 9% - 12% (absolute dry matter), and the dosage of excipients is 13.5%.
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