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  全自动凉茬机是在酒窖冷却搅拌后可以与酒曲混合的装置。 工作时间短,非常节省资源,可自动进行加捻和卸料,减轻了工人的劳动强度,消除了食物浪费。 与谷物接触的部件全部由优质不锈钢制成。 此外,该机器还可用于输送,搅拌和降低时的频率控制。
  The automatic stubble cooler is a device which can mix with the starter after the cellar is cooled and stirred. Short working time, very saving resources, can automatically twist and unload, reduce the labor intensity of workers, eliminate food waste. All parts in contact with grain are made of high quality stainless steel. In addition, the machine can also be used for conveying, mixing and reducing the frequency control.
  Advantages of automatic stubble cooler
  全自动凉茬机主要由依次连接到输送带上的机架,风扇,输送带和搅拌笼,进料棒,转向棒,进料装置和出料管组成。 固定在传送带的侧面。 机架至少布置三个,卸载装置由下部料斗和固定在下部料斗下部的下降辊组成,并且该机架设置有比传送带的两侧高的挡板。
  The full-automatic stubble cooler is mainly composed of frame, fan, conveyor belt and mixing cage, feeding rod, steering rod, feeding device and discharge pipe connected to the conveyor belt in turn. Fixed on the side of the conveyor belt. At least three racks are arranged, the unloading device is composed of a lower hopper and a lowering roller fixed at the lower part of the lower hopper, and the racks are provided with baffles higher than both sides of the conveyor belt.
  使用时,酒窖在传送带上经过,风扇在破碎和搅拌的同时运转,温度迅速降低,冷却后的酒窖在卸料装置中自动与酒曲混合。 本实用新型的全自动凉茬机提高了冷却效果,降低了能耗,解决了现有设备自产堵塞现象,实现了酒窖与曲液的自动混合。
  When in use, the wine cellar passes through the conveyor belt, the fan operates at the same time of crushing and mixing, the temperature drops rapidly, and the cooled wine cellar is automatically mixed with the starter in the unloading device. The full-automatic stubble cooler of the utility model improves the cooling effect, reduces the energy consumption, solves the self-produced blocking phenomenon of the existing equipment, and realizes the automatic mixing of the wine cellar and the koji liquor.
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