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  Liquor is always an important profit direction in the catering industry. Every restaurant will not give up the high profit business of liquor. Because many customers choose to bring their own drinks directly affect the interests of the store, so "stop bringing their own drinks" has become a common way for the catering industry to maintain the drinks business.
  According to the people in the catering industry, the net profit of the whole catering industry is less than 20%, and drinks can earn 80% or more profits, which is also an important reason why many catering enterprises are reluctant to give up the "fat meat" of drinks.
  Why do consumers choose to bring their own drinks instead of ordering at restaurants?
  1. 餐饮业酒水价钱较高。餐饮业的酒水价钱普通高于市场批发价,有的餐饮店内的酒曾经是市场批发价的两倍以至三倍,消费者肯定不愿意为这么贵的酒水买单。
  1. The price of drinks in the catering industry is relatively high. The price of drinks in the catering industry is generally higher than the wholesale market price. In some restaurants, the price of drinks used to be twice or even three times the wholesale market price. Consumers are certainly not willing to pay for such expensive drinks.
  2. The quality of beverage in the catering industry cannot be guaranteed. From the development of the period, the purchase channel of liquor is no longer single. The market is full of all kinds of fake and inferior liquor, so consumers can't judge whether the liquor is the right channel.
  And the self-service wine vending machine, taking the consumers as the center, has really dealt with the above problems existing in the beverage industry.
  Nowadays, the automatic wine vending machine is the "pillar" of the catering industry. Sitting in the catering industry, it has been recognized and liked by a wide range of consumers, dealt with the contradiction between consumers and restaurants, and changed the status quo of their own drinks.
  Self service liquor vending machine is building a new wholesale form of liquor covering the whole country, completely overthrowing the traditional sales and consumption mode of Chinese liquor. Integrate offline resources of catering industry and lead the value and consumption attributes of Chinese liquor industry and catering industry to return to rationality!
  As for the catering industry, choosing "stop bringing your own drinks" is not the best way to deal with it. The catering industry of self-service wine vending machine can make good wine reach the dining table directly, and eliminate the phenomenon that consumers bring their own drinks from the source.
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