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  In the process of beer production, technological hygiene is a very key link. After the beer is polluted, it will lead to the bad taste of the beer, and when it is serious, it will make the beer sour and degenerate, forming economic losses. In order to ensure a good production environment, it is necessary to clean and sterilize the brewing equipment. CIP cleaning system is the most commonly used equipment for cleaning and sterilization, which is simple in operation, thorough in cleaning and sterilization.
  The purpose and function of cleaning is to eliminate the yeast, protein coagulate, hops resin, oxalate, tartrate, carbonate and other organic and inorganic substances on the tank wall and pipeline, so as to avoid non biological pollution in beer production; the purpose and function of sterilization is to use appropriate bactericide to kill bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms, and avoid biological pollution in beer production.
  Sanitation of saccharification equipment: at room temperature, first rinse with clear water for 10min; then prepare 1% - 2% sodium hydroxide solution, heat to 80-85 ℃ for CIP circulation for 30min; then use 90-95 ℃ hot water for CIP circulation for 30-40min.
  Sanitation of fermentation equipment: the sanitation of fermentation tank has a great influence on the quality of beer, and the most fundamental request of fermentation tank is to clean and asepsis.
  Under normal temperature, wash directly with clear water; then prepare 2% - 4% alkali solution, heat to 80-85 ℃ for CIP circulation for 30min; then wash with clear water for 5-10min, then prepare 1% - 2% nitric acid or sulfuric acid solution for CIP circulation for 30min under normal temperature; then wash with clear water for 5-10min, configure 0.35% - 0.5% bactericide at normal temperature for CIP circulation for 30min, and finally use sterile water for CIP circulation. Rinse to remove the remaining fungicide.
  Health of wort Cooler: ordinary breweries carry out alkali washing for wort coolers, and the frequency of cleaning is properly arranged. As wort will coagulate and precipitate quite a lot of protein, hops ester, etc. when it is cooled, it will accumulate between cooling plates to prevent the effect of heat exchange and reduce the cooling flow, and then the quality of beer will be affected, such as the deepening of color, the aggravation of bitter taste, etc. 。 After alkali washing, use hot water to wash off the remaining alkali liquor.
  Configuration of fermentation tank in beer equipment1.啤酒设备发酵罐的的人孔分为两种 侧人孔和上人孔总之都是给他清洁!
  1. The manholes of fermentation tank of beer equipment are divided into two kinds: side manholes and upper manholes. In short, they are for him to clean!
  2. Drain outlet, discharge beer or yeast!!
  3. CIP cleaning, let alone cleaning the inside of fermentation tank!
  4. Check whether the beer has reached the production process and technical requirements by sampling valve!
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