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  After the saccharification process is completed, the wort and lees must be separated in a short time. The separation process is called the filtration of wort. The filtration has a great influence on the quality of the brewed wine. However, many brewers only know about the operation framework of the filtration, and the details of the filtration are not known. This leads to many problems that should not be presented in the brewed wine. 1.
  If the filtration is not clear, the content of its fatty acid is much higher than that of filtered wort, which will bring bad effects on the foam flavor of beer two:
  The filtering speed is comparatively slow, which will lead to the oxidation of polyphenols, but the wort color deepens and the taste becomes worse.
  In order to prevent these problems, we should pay attention to the details of commercial brewing equipment filtration. One is natural filtration, which is gravity filtration caused by the difference of height; the other is pumping filtration, which is the application of pump-pumped wort filtration. Note that if the manufacturer gives you the device is the drainage filter, the manufacturer must give you the device equalization tank. Because if there is no balancing tank, the pump directly sucks the layer, once the operation is improper or the normal layer is compacted, it is very likely that the filter sieve plate will be bent! The other two central filtering methods are the same.
  Note 1: Check whether the filter plate can be paved and compacted. Before mashing, the hot water must be pumped into the filter plate at 78 C until the filter plate. The purpose is to clean the air in the pipe and the bottom of the screen. The second is to form a buffer layer of water, so as to avoid the wheat mash directly hitting the filter plate and blocking the screen plate.
  Note 2: During the mashing period of the pump, the agitator of the saccharifying pot should move from time to time to ensure an average mash.
  Note 3: When filtering, the temperature should be as high as possible from 76 78 C. Low temperature, high viscosity of wort, slow filtration speed and high temperature will cause starch that may not have completed saccharification to continue saccharification.
  留意四:开端过滤阶段,一定要防止过滤过快,由于开端过滤过快,会由于吸力大,使糟层压紧,失去浸透性而难以过滤留意五:头道麦汁的浓度和体积直接或者间接丈量出来,然后计算洗糟水的体积留意六:洗糟时,洗糟水应吞没糟层,尽量避免氧化留意七:总过滤时间3h以内以上是全自动凉茬机厂家为大家先容的相关内容,本文来源:Pay attention to four: at the beginning of the filtration stage, we must prevent filtering too fast, because the beginning of the filtration is too fast, will be due to suction, so that the dregs are compacted, loss of permeability and difficult to filter attention 5: the concentration and volume of wort in the first passage are measured directly or indirectly, and then calculate the volume of the dregs washing water to pay attention to six: when washing the dregs, the dregs washing water should swallow the dregs layer, try to avoid oxidation to pay attention to seven: The filter time is less than 3 hours. This article is from .



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