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  Standard beer has a shelf life of 4 months. Under normal conditions, bottled beer is less than half a year and canned beer is less than one year. Beer during the shelf life is generally a qualified product. Nowadays, the shelf life of beer from many manufacturers can reach one year or more. However, the taste of new beer will be better. During the shelf life, quality problems such as beer leak, loss of light and precipitation, sour taste, etc. can be directly changed or compensated by manufacturers, stores. Some beers beyond the shelf life are not necessarily not drinkable. If the beer looks clear and transparent, and the taste does not change much, it can be drinkable. Of course, the taste is not as good as novelty; if the turbidity, sediment and taste become sour, it can not be drinkable.
  Can beer be drunk half a year after it's out of date?
  Don't drink beer for half a year. Under normal conditions, if the appearance of beer after the shelf life is clear and transparent, then this kind of outdated beer can be drunk in a short time, of course, the taste of beer during the shelf life is certainly not good; if the outdated beer presents degeneration phenomenon such as precipitation or turbidity, or the taste becomes sour, then this kind of outdated beer can not be drunk, and the decayed beer may cause vomiting if it is drunk. Diarrhea and other diseases.
  Beer is out of date
  1. Flowering. Beer belongs to acidic beverage, which is still acidic after being out of date. It can be used to grow flowers and plants, improve sudden acidity and alkalinity, and promote the growth of acid-loving flowers.
  2. Home cleaning. The content of acid in outdated beer is also very high. It has the effect of sterilization and sterilization. It can eliminate the odor in refrigerators and cabinets, and beer is an alternative solution. It uses outdated beer to clean glass. It is not only very clean, but also does not leave fibers on cloth.
  3. It can wash your hair well, but it will grow very fast. When making steamed fish, use them instead of water to steam. The steamed fish will be particularly fragrant.
  Cautions for keeping beer
  1. Beer can't be directly put into the frozen layer of the refrigerator to stop storage, especially hot beer quick freezing, which has a great chance of explosion.
  2. Beer contains more carbonic acid, which will produce a lot of carbon dioxide under high temperature and sunlight, and may also cause explosion.
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